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Commercial Construction Services

Being innovative helps Leath & Sons, Inc. meet commercial construction needs for structures and utilities In addition, we offer a full range of construction management and design services for any turnkey project.

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Leath & Sons specializes in commercial demolition projects. We have the skill and resources to successfully complete a wide variety of building and structural land clearing projects. Our skilled demolition crews are equipped to handle every type of demolition project including asbestos and hazardous material handling. Our dedicated team has over 50 years of experience and is available 24/7, allowing us to complete each clients' demolition project in a safe, orderly, timely, and cost-effective manner. Let us prove to you that our reputation for excellence can meet your project expectations.

Building Construction
Some of our projects involve the excavation and construction of building foundations. Leath & Sons has the capabilities to build concrete and steel support structures for large, elevated floor spaces.

Site Grading Commercial
Whether your project encompasses a single building or an entire city block, Leath & Sons' extensive range of resources can handle all of your earthwork excavation and grading needs, including:.

  • Commercial and Industrial Site Excavation
  • Landfills and Refuge Excavation
  • Heavy Highway Excavation
  • Contour Grading
  • Certified Building Pads
  • Aggregate Placement and Finishing

Retaining Walls
Leath & Sons performs all phases of wall construction, including footing excavation, material hauling, wall placement, and structural wall backfill. We provide certified structural engineering and construction for:

  • Retaining Walls
  • Structural and Decorative Walls
  • Terraced Walls

Noise Walls
Noise generated by road and highway traffic is becoming one of the largest environmental problems around the country. Leath & Sons works with private companies and government agencies to install traffic noise barriers throughout the Kansas City metro area, reducing traffic noise while maintaining aesthetic appeal and scenic views.

Sanitary Sewer/Waterline
Leath & Sons has a solid history of installing many different types of commercial underground utilities, including storm sewers, storm drain and detention systems, sanitary sewers, and water mains. Throughout, our veteran underground crews maintain one of the industry's best safety records while performing this difficult and potentially dangerous work.

We provide both above and underground construction services for commercial projects. Leath & Sons' services include:

  • Power and Gas Systems
  • Telephone, Cable, and Broadband Systems
  • Parking Lot Lighting

Roads, driveways, and parking lots have been at the core of the services Leath & Sons provides for the Kansas City area since 1957. We can fully self perform the work such as demolition, removals, excavation, underground utilities, stone base, paving, signalization, electrical, and landscaping.

Leath & Sons offers commercial customers proven excellence in a wide scope of excavation services, including earthmoving, underground utility construction, and design/build field operations. Our employees bring unparalleled enthusiasm and skill to each and every project.